Date: 08-10-2018

Dear Sir / Madam,

Sub: Request for Sealed Quotation for Refrigerated Incubator shaker  Due Date -12-10-2018.

1. This is in reference to the procurement of "Refrigerated Incubator shaker  Due Date -12-10-2018." . please find attached description of the item with the required specification and quantities. We would like to invite you to submit your best price you can offer for this item.

2. Price

* The Contract/PO will be issued for the complete assignment.
* The rates quoted by the Agency / Supplier shall be fixed for the duration of the Contract and shall not be subject to adjustment on any account.

3. Submission of Quotation

* You are requested to submit the Technical Specification and Financial proposal separately in sealed envelopes considering all aspects related to this assignment.
* Strict compliance with the requirements of the invitation and any supplementary instructions which may accompany the invitation is required to be adhered to.
* You are requested to submit your quotation latest by 12-10-2018 by 1700 hours .
* Proposal (Quotation) received after the prescribed deadline will not be considered.
* The Agency / Consultant / Supplier should send quotation in sealed envelopes address to below given address.
* The outer envelope must indicate the name and address of the Agency / Consultant / Supplier and it should be written clearly for " Sealed quotation for "Refrigerated Incubator shaker  Due Date -12-10-2018."
* International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology Shall not be held responsible for delivery of quotation to the wrong address and for any postal delay or for loss in transit.
* Those who do not want to submit their offer against this enquiry must send their regret letter using email.
* A technical compliance sheet should be enclosed in the technical proposal, giving details requested, specification offered against that with remarks..
* The offer must have all accessories which are required to make the system complete.
* You can submit sealed quotation in Foreign Currency. It must include:
1. Net Price after discount
2. Grand Total.
3. Delivery Time
4. Validity Of the quotation
5. Incoterms shall be CIP /CIF, The Custom clearance shall be managed by ICGEB.

* List of users in India must be given along with main technical offer

4. Completion of the Assignment

The supplier needs to complete the delivery and submit the final report within the timelines. Any deviation in the timelines without prior concern of ICGEB is not accepted.

5. Validity of Quotation

Quotation shall remain valid for a period of minimum 90 days after the deadline date specified for submission.

6. Award of Purchase Order

* The supplier will be selected based on the evaluation committee of “International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology”..
* Notwithstanding the above, the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation and to cancel the procurement process and reject all quotations at any time prior to the award of Contract.
* The supplier whose quotation is accepted will be notified of the award of Contract by the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology prior to expiration of the validity period. The terms of the accepted offer shall be incorporated in the Contract.

7. Payment Terms

Our Payment terms are 100% after delivery and satisfactory installation within 30 days. ICGEB is exempt from custom duty.

8. Warranty/Guarantee Period
Five Year commercial warranty/guarantee shall be applicable to the supplier items (as applicable)
If any of the items found defective in the supplied lot during the contract period the vendor will replace the same with the corrected one free of cost.

We look forward to receive your sealed quotation complete along with technical proposal in envelopes complete in all respects within prescribed deadline and post it to below address and you are requested to inscribe “ Refrigerated Incubator shaker  Due Date -12-10-2018."
Address for sending sealed quotation:

Procurement Manager
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology
ICGEB Campus, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
New Delhi – 110067, India
Phone: 91-11-26741358 / 26741361 / 26742360 (Extn.-341)
Fax: 91-11-26741166 / 26742316

You can contact MR.VARUN GUGNANI on Mobile Number
9810893435 for any query.

Yours faithfully,


Varun Gugnani
Equipment and Safety Manager
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
New Delhi - 110 067
email:, Tel: +91-11-26741358/ 26741361/ 26742357/ 26742360
Fax: +91-11-26742316