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Supply & Installation of HPC Cluster at ICGEB, New Delhi Kindly submit separate seal bid for all Annexures (last date for submission revised to 16-02-18)
a)  Annexure - I - Technical Specs for HPC Cluster
b)  Annexure - II - Terms and Conditions for HPC Cluster
c) Annexure - III - RFQ for HPC Cluster

Details for item 1.12.3 click here

The Last date and time for submission of Sealed Bid - 14-02-2018 before 5 PM

Advertisement for Freezer Dryer (Lyophilizer). Reference for specifications. Due date for Tender is 15-02-2018.

Supply & Installation of Server, Workstation, Storage System and Laptop at ICGEB, New Delhi . The Last date and time for submission of Sealed Bid - 08-02-2018 before 5 PM Relevant documents: RFQ, Technical Specifications

Advertisement for  Multi vessel (6- vessel) fermenter, File attached for your reference: Details of requirement and specifications. Due date for Tender is 06-02-2018.

Construction of a gate between ICGEB and NIPGR - Bill of quantity (BOQ) and Plan

Advertisement for 96/384 Multichannel Liquid handling system and Electronics Multichannel pipette. Due date for Tender is 29-01-2018.

Providing and fixing a wooden table in the new building,

Corrigendum:- Kindly read the work as "Providing and fixing of 4 wooden counters in the new building". The quantity is 4 nos. and the wooden counters will have 2 shelves with double panelled door each. The other specifications remain unchanged.

Providing, fixing and repairing of wooden tables in the first floor lab,main building,

Mission Innovation Office - Tender Document, Bill of quantity (BOQ), Drawings